Those of you who have met Spur 503's Road Manager/Sound Engineer, Bryan Willis, may not fully realize the genius that is Bryan. Not only is he a fixall kind of guy, but Bryan is quite an accomplished linguist. We've put a short list together to get you into his mindset...a list that we will be adding to as the inspiration strikes "Lil-B."


Hillshire: I know he stinks now, but hillshire before the show starts.
Annuity: Well annuity went to the store to get beer on thursdee but i didnt know he went fridee too.
Fixture: Hey I fixture truck yesterday you can come pick it up this afternoon.
Aerosol: Aerosol my friends over there.
Tumor: Tumor payments and this baby is mine.
Ribbon: Ernie had a car wreck last night, dr said he broke a ribbon has a slight concussion.
Wallet: I got the grill going... how bout we drink some beer wallet warms warms up?
Asthma: Asthma new soundboard over there...
Filter: She let me use her car to go to the airport so i filter tank up on the way home.
Anorexic: Anna bought a new car last week, did you see it? She cant drive though, in fact i'll bet you 10 bucks anorexic before the end of the month.
Picture: I cant believe you picture nose in front of the whole audience.
Chauffeur: Im in the band, I can get you in the chauffeur free.
Pumpkin: There aint no way that little pumpkin run my air horns.
Fiddle: My cars' got less than an eighth of a tank of gas... I wonder fiddle get me to work or not...
Windows: Just let me know windows face plates for my phone get here and i'll write you a check.
Beetle: How long you think its gonna beetle they find out im not at work?
Navigate: I drove right thru that fence cause they did navigate.
Righteous: To get to Spur 503 you just go up there about half a mile, then make a righteous past the gas station.
Definite: Sitting in front of the speakers will make you go definite wont be any fun having to wear a hearing aid the rest of your life.
Addendum: The factory announced there would be no day off for cinco de mayo, addendum mexicans went on strike.
Ingenuity: As soon as he saw all them cowboys coming over the hill that ingenuity was gonna lose the war.